Premium Art Print Collection

Jesse Freeman

From Baltimore, USA, and have been living in Tokyo for more than 9 years, in addition to photography, he had extensive experience in literature, filmmaking, and ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arrangement).


Illustrator and graphic designer grew up in Hong Kong. After working day and night in publishing industries chasing deadlines for more than 10 years, he decided to pick up his pen and live his life once again making illustrations of his childhood memories.

Michelle Lau 

Selected photographer by Vogue Italia, Michelle Lau is an international fashion and commercial photographer based in New York and Hong Kong. Michelle graduated 2010 from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in multi-media. Michelle describes her work of photography as blending style, beauty and fashion with strong elements of romanticism and fantasy. 

Frank Liu

As a Hong Kong-based photographer, Frank has travelled to more than 30 countries to capture unique images that inspire others to see the world from a different perspective.Frank is most known for his published work captured in Masai Mara, Kenya in 2015.Currently leading organised tours for street photography in Hong Kong, Frank plans to expand his tours overseas, particularly in wildlife and landscape, as early as 2020.

Jeremy H. Greenberg

Jeremy H. Greenberg is a professional photographer originally from New York, where he received training from the New York Institute of Photography. He has been based in Hong Kong since 2009. Jeremy is also an educator where he teaches film photography to international school students and hosts workshops for adults. Jeremy has various published works that include National Geographic.