Premium Art Print Collection

Jesse Freeman

From Baltimore, USA, and have been living in Tokyo for more than 9 years, in addition to photography, he had extensive experience in literature, filmmaking, and ikebana (the art of Japanese flower arrangement).


Illustrator and graphic designer grew up in Hong Kong. After working day and night in publishing industries chasing deadlines for more than 10 years, he decided to pick up his pen and live his life once again making illustrations of his childhood memories.

Michelle Lau 

International fashion, portrait and commercial photographer based in Hong Kong now, graduated from PolyU of multi-media, Hong Kong in 2010. Her works have picked by Italian Vogue's editors, also have interviews, editorials in China, Europe and Hong Kong magazines. Michelle choices the field of photography: style, beauty and fashion with strong elements of romanticism and fantasy. Her unique style which continues to develop and refine today.