by Mark Asthoff

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Why we love it:

It instantly reminds us of the most expensive photograph sold (4.3 million USD) in history ( It falls into one of the most popular contemporary photography category, known as deadpan photography. Unlike traditional art, it purposely removes all kinds of emotion giving viewers living in this overly busy era a new experience, i.e.  "no emotion as the new emotion". 


Open edition. 


Archival print on glossy photographic paper mounted using Acrylic Facemount technic. The artwork is mounted under acrylic with optic clear substrate and support by aluminum composite dibond on the back. The whole piece is lifted against the wall by another metal back structure so it "floats in the air" while viewing in the front. 


M - 24 x 18 inches
L - 30 x 22.5 inches