Our complete service, now at the 

comfort of your home

How we are different

Frame anything

Digital upload, painting, jersey, skateboard, origami... Surprise us!

Custom design

Match your art and your taste. Options available to artists, and now you too. 

Clear pricing

Friendly like our staff. Simple price table, no more guessing. 

How it works


Upload digital for us to print, or we come to your door and collect your art for framing. 


We will send you three designs, pick what you love and we will start production. Tell us to show you more if you want, and pay only after confirmation. 


Your framed art will be delivered to you in two weeks. Enjoy!

Simple pricing

Dimensions (inches)*Price (HKD)**
up to 12 x 9499
up to 14 x 11599
up to 16 x 12699
up to 18 x 14799
up to 20 x 15950
up to 24 x 181,150
up to 28 x 211,350
up to 32 x 241,650
up to 36 x 271,950
up to 40 x 302,150
up to 44 x 332,650

* Art dimensions. Final framed size will be larger.

** Included all art pickup, production and delivery costs.